Cobblers Farm Event

Sep 09, 2022

How to get planning for an agricultural workers dwelling

The first in a series of unique planning events from The Rural Planning Co.

This innovative event will be held at Cobblers Farm where founder of The Rural Planning Co, Hannah Moule and her husband achieved just this. Come and see how they turned a greenfield site into a fully functioning, profitable farm and home in just 5 years. Prepare to be inspired!

As an attendee at this event you will have full access to four rural planners for the day. Pick our brains, ask any (planning related!) questions.



High Court Ruling on Green Belt Extensions

Aug 30, 2022

Justin De Vries, Senior Planning Consultant at The Rural Planning Co considers a recent High Court ruling on Green Belt extensions.

Green Belt is a planning designation that dates to the 1930s. It was adopted as a method to prevent urban sprawl and the merging of settlements, preserve the character of historic towns and encourage development to locate within existing built-up areas.



The Mixed Blessing Of Barn Conversions

Aug 22, 2022

Hannah Moule, Founder and Director of The Rural Planning Co reflects on the mixed blessing of Barn Conversions...

Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting three separate planning projects, all a mixture of traditional barn conversions and possible Class Q's. Whilst it sometimes surprises me how many unconverted traditional barns are still around, I spent much of the day reflecting and discussing just how much of a mixed blessing these traditional buildings are...



Where There's Muck There's Money

Aug 10, 2022

The government has announced a new Slurry Store Grant, initially targeted at those sites which will deliver the most environmental impact. Justin Stevenson, Senior Planning Consultant at The Rural Planning Co gives an overview as to who will be interested in this grant and what the implications are from a planning perspective.

In summary...

In June the government announced a grant to fund up to 50% of the cost to upgrade, replace or build a new slurry store for Pig, Dairy and Beef farmers. This will open to applications this autumn. There will be multiple rounds as it is expected that the first and probably the next few rounds will be oversubscribed.



What has water pollution got to do with it?

Aug 01, 2022

This article from Tessa Jones, Planning Consultant at The Rural Planning Co gives an insight into the challenges surrounding the industry and the importance of demonstrating that schemes are nutrient neutral.

Tessa's thoughts...

It’s safe to say water pollution is having a serious impact on the delivery of new housing in areas across the country. I was alarmed to read in July’s edition of The Planner that nutrient issues are now affecting new developments in 74 of our local planning authorities (LPA) and it is estimated to be holding up the delivery of 100,000 new homes.