The Rural Planning Company is a trading name and brand of Moule & Co Ltd.

Established in 2010, Moule & Co was set up by Hannah Moule, a farmers daughter from Worcestershire. Having completed a land management degree at Harper Adams and gaining her qualifications at Worcester Livestock Market, she subsequently set up her own small mixed Rural Chartered Surveying practice, based at her parents farm in North Worcestershire. As the business grew so did the amount of planning work that was undertaken, and by 2019 the planning work was now forming over 70% of the business.

In the early days Moule & Co was just intended as a small business serving some local clients, but as time grew it became bigger and taking on more staff and offering a wider range of services. In 10 years Moule & Co grew from 20 clients to over 800.

In early 2020 we identified that we wanted to specialise in Rural Planning and put into place an ambitious business plan to quadruple the size of the planning business. We had spent many years refining and fine tuning our services, and were now in a super efficient position to role out our services on a bigger scale, to a larger geographical area.

As part of this growth plan, we identified that although the name Moule & Co was locally recognisable, by getting larger and going into new geographical areas we needed a new name that ‘does what it says on the tin’, and so The Rural Planning Co was born.

We are immensely proud to launch this new brand, with a new website and lots of exciting content and useful resources that will enable us to better serve our existing and new clients. Many of our existing team are now focussing on The Rural Planning Co so you can expect the same ethos, quality and results as we have always sought to deliver.

We continue to run our general mixed practice rural advice, such as tenancies, grant applications, property advice, valuations and so on trading as Moule & Co Rural.