There are a number of stages involved in the planning and preparation of a planning application. We have set out below the key milestones, to help you understand what to expect from the planning process.

Once we've been instructed, the new project will be set up in our systems and scheduled into our workflow.

We'll work on gathering information from yourself and relevant third parties, including obtaining surveys, reports and drawings if applicable.

Once we have all the information we require, we will progress preparation of the relevant documentation.

Once the submission documents are ready, they will be emailed to you for comments and approval.

Once drafts are approved, we will submit the application on your behalf and nominate you to pay the planning fee directly. We will liaise with the Local Planning Authority if they require any extra details at this stage.

Once the Local Planning Authority confirm that the application is valid then the clock starts ticking for them to make their assessment. For most applications a decision should be expected within 8 weeks. However, this timescale is not fixed and often overruns.

The first few weeks after your application is validated are the consultation period, where third parties are invited to comment on your application (such as the Highways department, or the Parish Council). The Planning Officer is unlikely to assess in much detail whilst they are waiting for input from other departments.

After the consultation period, the Planning Officer will weigh up the application. We will keep in touch with them and you during this time and update you with any comments.

A decision is usually made by the Planning Officer, but sometimes referred to the Planning Committee. If this is relevant to your project, we will discuss the implications with you. The decision notice will be issued, which will include any conditions that you need to comply with.

Many approvals contain conditions which require further steps to be taken. You might choose to complete this yourself, or we can assist.

If your application is unfortunately refused, then we can discuss options for appealing, amending or resubmitting the scheme.

Most major construction projects, such as extensions and conversions will require a building regs application so that your local building control team can visit the site and check that your work is compliant. If you require Building Regulations drawings we have an in-house design team who can produce these drawings. Take a look at our Design Services for more information.

Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional, professional service, including timely delivery of your project. We are often dependent on a range of third parties, including consultants, the Local Planning Authority and other consultees so it is difficult to give definitive dates for projects.
Throughout the project we will always contact you if we need more information, to discuss anything or have any important updates for you. Behind the scenes, we will be doing our best to keep things moving along.