Introducing our new brand Skylark, Land & Homes - a promotion and development company specialising in rural homes.

Skylark Land & homes is a small scale promotion and development company, specialising in small scale residential development in rural areas.

We hand pick sites that we think we can get planning for between one and five residential units, specialising in sites which are currently agricultural or amenity use and wouldn’t ordinarily get planning for residential use. We use our in-house planning skills and experience to obtain planning consent to create the prospect of beautiful homes of outstanding design landowners can be proud of, and gain significant value from.

Whilst we are flexible as to how we work with landowners, most commonly we work within two arrangements:

    1) We identify land that we think we can get planning on and make an offer to purchase. This is generally a fixed price agreed by both parties at the outset.

    2) Promotion agreements whereby we use our expertise and financial resource to take land through the planning process at no cost to the landowner. Once we have obtained planning in most instances we work with a suitable agent to sell the land with planning to get you the maximum amount of money for the land parcel. We take a pre agreed percentage of the sale proceeds. If we are not successful we absorb all of the costs ourselves.

We specialise in rural sites that would normally not get planning for residential planning, we bring strategy and tenacity to the tackle the planning battle. In particular we specialise in maximising the value of sites such as:

• Farmyards – traditional, modern, mixed

• Farm buildings – standalone buildings

• Unusual sites – difficult planning history, mixed uses etc

• Rural commercial sites – this is quite a big area of opportunity – buildings that have commercial use (whether or not they have planning) such as storage, light industrial, offices, workshops, mixed uses

• Village plots – anything from 1 – 15 plots in village locations

We are very happy to work alongside your own professional advisers, such as land agents or solicitors to ensure you are 100% happy with any agreement, we want you to be happy and confident with the proposal. In most situations we will either pay for, or contribute to legal and professional costs.