The Rural Planning Co are a ‘new’ brand of rural planning consultants, on a mission to disrupt the traditional planning industry in a modern way; setting ourselves apart by doing things better.

We’re looking for a planning assistant to be a key part of our growing team.

Our objectives are to achieve growth by:

  • Offering the best technical, strategic and tactic planning advice in the sector
  • Delivering outstanding, progressive customer service, so every client would recommend us
  • Providing an enviable working environment, so we can recruit and retain the most talented people in the industry

We have ambitious growth plans for the next two years and are ready to recruit the first in a new team of planning assistants to help us achieve this. To this end, we are currently developing a dedicated assistant training programme to ensure all our new recruits are well trained from the outset, with ongoing training, technical and personal development opportunities within our organisation.

We make no bones about it – we want to recruit the most talented people we can for our team. We can teach you the technical work, but you will need to have the right attitude and skills to get stuck into working in a dynamic, proactive business environment. Willingness to learn, passion to be the best at what you do, and the right frame of mind to handle multiple projects and tasks simultaneously, are essential.

We are passionate about providing long standing, rewarding careers, not just jobs. We want our staff to enjoy their work, enjoy being part of a team and to enjoy the opportunity of personal development. Whilst we strive for this to happen, we also recognise that work facilitates the even more important things in life, whether it’s you spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying hobbies, playing sport and so on - we work hard during work time, to allow us to preserve quality home time.

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Author: Marissa Bird