More, YES MORE new things! (Covid has officially sent us crazy…)

Introducing our new ‘Land & development’ service.

What the heck are we up to now?

Well actually it’s just another arm of what we already do, but in a slightly different way... Whilst we admit there’s lots we don’t know, one thing we do know a bit about is getting planning on farms, buildings, barns, land and villages. Over the years we have learnt a few tricks of the trade and a planning loophole or two. There is HUGE opportunity out there using these loopholes, permitted development rights, planning precedents and more for farmers and landowners to make money out of existing assets.

We want to help you make the most of these opportunities; whether its getting planning for residential plots to sell or keep for family, adding value before a sale, or changing the use to create a rental income.

AND EVEN BETTER... we have created a new fee structure this will operate through. It costs you nothing unless we obtain planning consent, so if we aren’t successful you pay nothing. It’s a bit like a promotion agreement - where we pay for everything, use our expertise to get the best result we can and then normally sell it on the open market. Only then do we get our percentage – which is already agreed upfront with you.

In other words, we put our money where our mouth is. If the project doesn’t work, you lose nothing, we take it on the chin and move on. If it does work, we all go out for a G&T and enjoy it.

So how would we describe ourselves?

‘Thinking like a developer, planning like a planner, but firmly on the side of the farmer’.

What are we currently looking for?

1. Agricultural buildings

    • NOT in an AONB

    • Steel or concrete frame or VERY good condition wooden frame

    • Existing side walls, block, concrete or clad

     • Preferably stand alone, on edge of farmyard or isolated (but not essential)

2. Land in Wychavon near a village, NOT in greenbelt, for possible self-build plots

3. Farmyards that have had some commercial use for a number of years including storage buildings (regardless of whether they got planning or not)

4. Any land or buildings that are not agricultural, eg retail, plant nurseries, scrap metal, storage

5. Any land you are considering selling as agricultural land, to see if we can increase value prior to sale

And of course we are always on the lookout for any strategic land for future residential planning – we can work on your behalf promoting it, or selling it, or agreeing with a developer – but again always on your side, maximising the opportunity.

Give Hannah Moule a call on 01299 250184 or 667344 to discuss anything confidentially