We describe ourselves as...

  • Professional but not corporate
  • Ambitious but laid back
  • Normal people with children, and farms, and horses and dogs and ridiculous hobbies
  • A bit quirky, we enjoy humour, having a laugh and not taking ourselves toooo seriously
  • Rural through and through


  • Balance: prioritising family, friendship and health
  • Pleasure: life is here to enjoy
  • Team: the collective mind is more powerful than our own
  • Progression: improving ourselves and working towards goals every day
  • Doing the right thing: honesty, integrity, doing things for others
  • Delivering excellence: quality work we are proud to own

We have structured our business to be profitable and successful, but not at the cost of balance and a happy life. Our first value is to achieve balance, and to us this means to prioritise ourselves, our family, friends and own interests. And if we achieve that, our business will be all the more successful for it. 


Like any relationship, for us to get along, for you to enjoy your work and flourish within our company we need to have a shared vision, objectives and core values. So its important we tell you these so you can work out if they fit with your own. Honestly, if your objectives are wildly different to these, we're probably not a match. If you had to think of 5 things that are intrinsically important to you, and there's a cross over with ours, we'll be a great fit.